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The Sounds of Shiva

The Sounds of Shiva: Shiva’s Hologram of Creation comes from the Maheshwara Sutra, a direct teaching from Shiva on how sound vibration, vibrational frequency, the power of sound, creates the universe. It was given by Shiva to the greatest masters of Indian history thousands of years ago. It is the basis of Sanskrit, the Sri Yantra master sacred geometry, and contains 42 sound keys to the universal language behind creation.

The Sounds of Shiva

The 42 sounds map the universal creative process unfolding time and space from the Big Bang to the first sounds of light, the witness consciousness, the birthing of polarity, the brain, elements, sexual consciousness, the spiraling currents of the life flows and the aspects of the mind, in a scientific sequence. It shows the incoming waves and outgoing waves of the universal toroidal field.

The Sounds of Shiva

This Sanskrit alphabet of Creation or Devanagiri is the language of the gods “for the gods clothe themselves in mantra, and by mantra that they reveal.” Sanskrit derives from this Sutra in a science of sound that explains the workings of our Universe. To align to it is to align to the divine blueprint of creation, the harmony of the universe that flows through you, and you are part of.

Padma Aon is a shrewdness creator, vibrational media maker, visionary pioneer and open speaker uniting antiquated intelligence and present day science. Padma’s books, music, and sight and sound are drawn from the conventions he has been started into.

As a multi-media maker, he made unique music and visual substance dependent on worldwide hallowed locales for the Moscow Youth Olympics, and the ‘ONE Project’, which played in theaters and celebrations in UK, USA and New Zealand. He is presently making music and sound substance for a progressive Meditation App.

Padma is an ace of vibrational drug through sound, deciphering the workmanship and study of vibration to make moving and catalytic submersions.

Padma makes from the products of his numerous movements and direct involvement in numerous universes, East and West. Padma bolsters nature by driving huge gatherings on cautiously curated Transformational Journeys to socially critical and consecrated destinations around the globe in 15 nations more than 20 years on 5 landmasses. He has showed up on BBC Radio One, The Times of India, Variety Magazine, Spirit&Destiny, Kindred Spirit, Dreamland Radio, XLR8R, and Straight No Chaser among numerous others.

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